You might be going through a difficult or one off situation, struggling with longer term difficulties, seeking the meaning of your life or wanting to explore who you are, what makes you feel- think and behave, the way, you do.


Sometimes we face situations or issues which are unfamiliar to us significantly difficult, and are difficult to resolve on our own or even with the help and support of well meaning family or friends. A personal concern can feel too private, complicated, or overwhelming to share with someone close, particularly if they are involved in the issues you are facing. We might feel stuck or just need to understand better what is going on.

 Individual Counselling /psychotherapy can help!


Counselling or psychotherapy is a form of psychological service and a unique process where your concerns are listened to by a professionally trained, skilled, compassionate and emphatic practitioner who works with you one to one in order to begin to understand, and work through the issues which keep you stuck, lethargic or cause you emotional or even in some cases physical pain.


As an Integrative Counsellor  I will be interested in listening to your concerns, and I will assist you in understanding them better so that you can deal with them more effectively. I will ask you some relative questions about your background and previous experiences, and will help you clarify your own goals for the therapeutic process.


I offer humanistic integrative counselling to match your specific needs. Integrative Counselling draws on mainstream theoretical perspectives, integrating knowledge and skills from different therapies This includes psychodynamic, person cantered, gestalt,T A, Existential and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Using the most suitable approach for you we can work together at a pace that feels right for you.

 My practice pays attention to how past experiences can be acted out in the present and I am mindful of how this may impact upon the counselling relationship.


Some of the subjects I work with are:


anxiety          depression                  relationship issues          family issues 


stress            panic attacks         obsessive compulsive disorder (ocd)    


internet addiction          gambling            gender issues                     career


affairs and betrayals                         postnatal depression                sexuality 


separation and divorce             work related stress                 abuse 


cross cultural relationships                suicidal thoughts            self harm


anger management               adoption issues                       bereavement   


abortion                               chronic fatigue syndrome        chronic pain


 child related issues              passive aggressive behaviour     


domestic violence                     attachment difficulties        adoption      


bullying               low self-esteem           pregnancy and    birth    

redundancy                debt                    carer support                   infertility                                                            


If your experiencing issues related to one of the above subject , Please contact me on 0785225 1013 or on . You can have initial free conversation (5-10 min.) before make any commitment to counselling or psychotherapy.